Community Spotlights

Stanislaus County organizations receive support from United Way of Stanislaus County amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Pathways offers supportive services and apartments to young adults between the ages 18-24 who are or may become homeless.  Young adults who become residents are expected to work toward the goals of employment, developing a strong support system and permanent housing.

"Many of the residents that live at the Pathways program rely on public transportation and this can create a barrier for them to go grocery shopping. Pathways staff would typically transport residents to local grocery stores so that they can purchase their groceries, but due to COVID-19, staff are unable to provide transportation to residents. The United Way funding allows Pathways to purchase groceries for 16 residents during these difficult times. Residents have been given bags of food and food is also kept in the Pathways office to give out to residents as needed. This funding also allows Pathways to purchase and keep bottled water in the office for residents throughout these hot summer days. The United Way funding has helped Pathways residents tremendously during the COVID-19 crisis."

Center for Human Services' mission is to change lives and build futures through programs that strengthen and support youth and families.

  • " We recently provide support for a single dad who is raising his 3 children ages 3, 6 and 7. Last month CPS placed all the children under his sole care as a result of their mother’s ongoing substance use and overall neglect. The father relocated to Ceres from the Bay area for the children and s still working in the Bay Area Monday through Saturday. He was able to find a person to help care for his children in Manteca , but more than half of his income goes to the babysitter. He wakes up the children at 4am, drops them off in Manteca, goes to work and does not return to pick them up until 6pm. He called mainly in need of a mattress since the 4 of them were sleeping on an inflatable air mattress – and he with our Family Advocate that he is really struggling financially. When CPS placed the children with him, the children had nothing. With United Way funding, we were able to give him $500 gift card and he was able to get all the children clothes and some twin matresses. We also got him connected to our Program Specialist who is helping him with applications for Cal Fresh and Medical for the kids. He admitted that he was scared to reach out or apply for any services because of his immigration status.  We thanked him for reaching out and encouraged him to stay connected – and that we are here to support and strengthen his family however we can." - (Ceres Partnership Family Resource Center) 


  • " A family of six came to our FRC because they needed Utility Assistance. The mother said she was working but her husband was laid off due to COVID-19 concerns. Since they had to decide to pay only one major bill, they prioritized paying their mortgage over their utility bill because they knew most utility companies weren’t disconnecting services for the time being. We used United Way funds to pay their utility bill and also provided a Gift card to SaveMart. The mother was overwhelmed by the generosity and support, which she said renewed her faith and left her feeling hopeful.  The Family Advocate continues to stay in touch and is working to provided continued assistance to the family as needs are identified, such as applying for CalFresh benefits and sharing information about weekly USDA food box deliveries they can pick up at the FRC. " -(Oakdale Family Resource Center)