Covering All Children
All Californians benefit when our children have health insurance and receive preventive care. That is why United Way of Stanislaus County is working with United Ways of California to advocate on the state and federal level to ensure policies and funding are in place so that all children have access to healthcare. United Way understands business is the engine of California's economy and we work to help ensure policies to cover children are equitable and help our state's fiscal environment.  Here are just a few reasons why health coverage for all children makes sense for California:

  1. Children with health insurance are more likely to get the care they need to keep them healthy and productive.  
  2. Providing children with health coverage and preventive care prevents more serious and costly health problems and saves us all money.
  3. In today's tough economic times, providing healthcare to every California child can help employers, families, and the entire California economy.
  4. Our children are in schools, parks, grocery stores, day cares, etc.  When we insure children we are protecting public health. 

2-1-1 State-Wide Expansion
2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects people to essential community information and referral services. The goal of 2-1-1 California is to connect all Californians with the services, information, resources and volunteer opportunities in their communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   When a person calls 2-1-1, specially trained "real people" answer the call and determine what services, information or resources are needed to help the caller.  2-1-1 now serves 225 million Americans in all or part of 45 states, serving over 75 percent of the U.S. population.


2-1-1 protects public safety in emergencies and disasters.

Relieves 911 call volume
Allowing faster response to emergency calls.

Plays a major role in disaster response
2-1-1 in Southern California handled 130,000 calls in the 5 days after the October 2007 wild fires.

2-1-1 reduces taxpayer costs.
Directs non-emergency calls away from the more costly 911.
Efficiently uses limited resources by streamlining the referral process and reduces costs associated with statewide 800 numbers.

Costs and Cost Savings
Achieving statewide 2-1-1 coverage will require an approximately $2 million investment in infrastructure, data integration and networking.
Total annual operating costs estimated at $30 million.
2-1-1 will save the state millions annually when fully operational.

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