We value Compassion, Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration and Innovation.

Financial Accountability

The United Way of Stanislaus County is committed to the comprehensive requirements for completion of audited financial statements as set forth by the United Way Worldwide. These requirements are intended to create a uniform set of standards for all United Ways to follow in preparing audited financial statements to ensure consistency and transparency.  The requirements are based on current best practices in our industry as well as generally accepted accounting principles and requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The United Way of Stanislaus County is also committed to requirements set forth by the United Way Worldwide for completion of the IRS Form 990 that establish a single United Way standard for the 990.

Partnership Accountability

At the United Way of Stanislaus County, we know our success is measured by how well we deliver on our mission to create opportunities that improve the quality of life at all levels of our community. And we know the importance of setting high standards for ourselves and for our local partners. Partnership standards enhance the level of accountability and transparency in all local operations. All nonprofits funded by United Way must certify to United Way of Stanislaus County their adherence to the following requirements:

Each United Way Partner Agency must:

  • Be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Have an active, responsible, and voluntary governing body, which ensures effective governance over the policies and financial resources of the organization.
  • Undergo an annual audit conducted by an independent certified public accountant whose examination complies with generally accepted auditing standards and GAAP.
  • Comply with all applicable legal local, state, and federal operating and reporting requirements (e.g., nondiscrimination, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, USA Patriot Act)

Regulatory Accountability

United Way of Stanislaus County is in compliance with the spirit and intent of the U.S. Patriot Act and other counter terrorism laws. Affirmative action is taken to prevent financial, technical, in-kind or other resources from inadvertently being used for illegal acts and terrorist activities. Below you will find the financial statements available for download for the fiscal years, 2016-17. United Way of Stanislaus County's strict and effective Board governance requires that we make these financials public. Our Board of Directors as well as our Finance Committee review and approve annual budgets and monthly finance statements. Our financial statements are audited annually and comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).