Women's Leadership Council Facts

Women's Leadership Council Facts at a Glance

  • National network of 50,000 passionate, caring women dedicated to addressing the most critical needs in 120 local communities across the U.S., by giving, advocating and volunteering.
  • Mission is to "mobilize the caring power of women to advance the Common Good in our communities" - members engage hands on in driving change.
  • Raised over $700M in contributions in first decade with more members giving more money than any other similar organization.
  • Most successful philanthropic organization of its kind in the U.S.; communities including Greensboro, St. Louis, Baltimore and San Antonio lead the way starting the first United Way women's giving programs a decade ago.
  • Goals focus on education, income, and health depending on local needs; new emphasis on early grade literacy based on members' alarm at latest statistics.
  • Members commit to annual contribution of $1,000 to $10,000 (or more) based on community, and actively engage by giving, volunteering, and advocating.
  • Goals include putting a major dent in early grade literacy statistics; growing locally; increasing awareness locally and nationally; and expanding internationally.
  • Women's Leadership Council is an affinity group of United Way Worldwide.