Housing Assessment Team RFA


United Way of Stanislaus County requests written applications from those organizations eligible and qualified to participate as a subcontracted Housing Assessment Team (HAT) for the Homelessness Outreach and Engagement Center in Stanislaus County.


OVERVIEW: The Outreach and Engagement Center (OEC) is scheduled to launch August 1, 2017 and will serve as a physical entry point and service hub for the County’s homelessness services system providing access and referrals to a wide-range of services in one location. The OEC is part of countywide Coordinated Entry System (CES) that will improve access to housing, supportive services and community supports. Coordinated Entry (CE) is a consistent, community wide process to match people experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness to community resources that are the best fit for their situation. The process helps prioritize housing and homeless assistance based on vulnerability and severity of service needs to ensure that people who need assistance the most can receive it in a timely manner. The process also provides information about service needs and gaps to help plan assistance and identify needed resources in our community

A Housing Assessment Team will support the implementation of Coordinated Entry at the OEC, and provide housing assessments and connection to supportive services for people experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness. The OEC is a first substantive step in implementing the multiple strategies of a Coordinated Access System, and provides a unique access point because of the “one-stop shop” model, centralizing housing screening and assessments, and direct referrals to essential supportive services such as healthcare, behavioral health treatment, housing and community/peer supports.
This facility will allow for the co-location of the following initial services:
  1. Centralized Homelessness Outreach and Engagement
  2. Housing Assessments and Navigation
  3. Homelessness Support Services Referrals
  4. Homelessness Court Outreach and Navigation,
  5. Multiple partners will co-locate their services, connecting individuals to their services as appropriate.

Download the complete Request for Application at the link below.
Applications due August 3, 2017 no later than 4:30 pm


Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions at the link below or submit any questions in writing to Estrella Garcia, egarcia@uwaystan.org