Disaster Preparedness

VOLUNTEERS number over 83.9 million adults in the United States and their contributions are worth more than 239 billion annually. Through a vast variety of organizations such as United Way, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Lions, and American Red Cross, volunteers are used in day-to-day operations and during large emergencies and disasters.

Stanislaus County is fortunate to have a strong community sense and during past disasters, large numbers of volunteers came forward with donations of materials, food, supplies, money and of their time to assist people during their greatest time of need.

The United Way of Stanislaus County, with the assistance of many local partners, developed the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) that provides an organized program to receive spontaneous volunteers during emergencies and disasters. The program is a part of the emergency response system of Stanislaus County and will work with the Stanislaus County Emergency Operations Center and the nine cities in Stanislaus County for coordinated and efficient use of spontaneous volunteers. If you wish to volunteer and you are not affiliated with an organization or a registered volunteer, do NOT respond to the scene of an emergency or disaster; check this site for updates or call Stanislaus County 2-1-1. This site will keep posted current events and the activity of the EVC should it be activated.

The emergency volunteer center is a location where spontaneous, unaffiliated individuals and groups wanting to offer help in an emergency and or disaster can obtain valuable information on volunteering. The EVC will interview all interested people, register them and potentially assign them to emergency/disaster related volunteer duties in Stanislaus County. The Emergency Volunteer Center is in direct contact with the Stanislaus County Emergency Operations Center and the Stanislaus County Operational Area Coordinator to create a coordinated and official link to place volunteers during a disaster or emergency.

The Volunteer Center manages the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) for the Stanislaus Operational Area and the CaliforniaVolunteers. The purpose of the EVC is to provide a system and method for anyone who wants to help during a large event, emergency or disaster. The EVC coordinates with local government and other non-profit organzations to provide volunteers from the public who want to help to those organizations that need help. The EVC will only be open during large events, emergencies and disasters and, depending on the size of the disaster, the location of the EVC may change to accommodate the number of individuals and groups that wish to volunteer. To find out more about the EVC, dial Stanislaus County 2-1-1Do NOT call 9-1-1.

At the EVC you will be asked to complete an application along with a Disaster Service Worker application. You may download the online application and the DSW application, complete it and bring it to the EVC to expedite your processing. You will then be processed through a short interview to determine your skills and the type of work you would be most suited for. After this process, if there is a need in the field for your expertise, you will be given an assignment, safety training, an identification badge and sent to the appropriate location. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, dial Stanislaus County 2-1-1.

Please do not respond directly to the event, emergency or disaster as that will only slow the process of you being able to help your community.

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Disaster Volunteer Form
Volunteer Hold Harmless Form
Disaster Service Worker Application