2-1-1 Stanislaus

What is 2-1-1?
2-1-1 is a referral line that connects people to vital services provided by a range of non-profit and government agencies.  Calling 211 saves time and frustration by eliminating the need for callers to navigate a maze of agencies and help lines.  Specially trained personnel assess the services you need, provide the appropriate resources and follow up to make sure you received those services.

If you are in need dial 211 now
2-1-1 is available 24 hours every day. Having trouble connecting from a cell phone? Dial 877-211-7826

Search for services online
Click here to search the 2-1-1 database

2-1-1 Stanislaus has access to a wide range of services for every day needs and in times of crisis.

- Food banks and hot meals
- Shelters
- Rent assistance
- Utility assistance
- Health care services
- Crisis intervention
- Substance abuse intervention and rehabilitation
- Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) assistance
- Job training and education programs
- Transportation assistance
- Child Care
- Head Start Centers
- Services for seniors
- Disaster recovery

If you are already a 2-1-1 resource and need a 2-1-1 presentation/materials or if you would like to be added to our 2-1-1 database click here to be contacted by a 2-1-1 specialist.


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